Conner Lab

W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

Michigan State University

Current Lab Members

Dr. Jeff Conner

Principal Investigator

Mechanisms of rapid adaptation

Raffica La Rosa

Ph.D. Candidate

Adaptation and evolution of novel traits

Cindy Mills

Research Technician and Lab Manager

Anne Royer


Willamette University & University of Oregon

Ph.D. 2014

Frances Knapczyk

Education Coordinator

Napa County Resource Conservation District

Ph.D. 2007

Angela Roles

Assistant Professor of Biology

Oberlin College

Ph.D. 2007

Heather Sahli

Associate Professor of Biology

Shippensburg University

Ph.D. 2006

Meghan Duffy

Associate Professor,

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Michigan

Ph.D. 2006

Brian Black


Bay College

Ph.D. 2000

Karin Pfennig

Associate Professor

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Ph.D. 1999

Kevin Feldheim

A. Watson III Manager of the Pritzker Laboratory for Molecular Systematics and Evolution

The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

M.S. 1994

Jeffrey K. Conner

3700 East Gull Lake Drive

Hickory Corners, MI 49060

2015 RETs

Marcia Angle, Lawton M.S.

Cheryl Hach, KAMSC

2015 REUs

Kola George, College of Charleston

Douglas (Alex) Page, North Carolina A&T

2013 RETs

Cheryl Hach, KAMSC

Katie McKinley, Mattawan H. S.

2013 REUs

Andre Hall, North Carolina A&T

Michayla Hunter, Jackson State

Marvin Osborne, North Carolina A&T

2012 RETs

Marty Buehler, Hastings H. S.

Katie McKinley, Mattawan H. S.

2012 REUs

Natalya Dungee, North Carolina A&T

Desmond Kilgo, North Carolina A&T

Victoreea Harris, Jackson State

2011 RETs

Sandy Breitenbach, Plainwell H. S.

Marty Buehler, Hastings H. S.

2011 REUs

Toria Davis, Michigan State

Jasmine George, North Carolina A&T

Krystal Harrison, North Carolina A&T

Yasmin Partee, Jackson State

Shawn Szabo, Michigan State

2010 RETs

Sandy Breitenbach, Plainwell H. S.

Marty Green, Plainwell M. S.

2010 REUs

Mackenzie Caple, University of Michigan

Emma Conner, Oberlin College

Laura Maihofer, Michigan State

Yasmin Partee, Jackson State

Stephen Williams, Oberlin College

2009 REUs

Brittany Daniels, Jackson State

Morgan Lucke, Michigan State

Latarsha Porcher, Oberlin College

Sam Slowinski, Oberlin College

2008 RET

Debi Kilmartin, Gull Lake M. S.

2008 REUs

Elizabeth Olenzek, University of Michigan

Elizabeth Wright, Jackson State

2007 REU

Tamika Shannon, Jackson State

Former REUs currently in Ecology/Evolution

Tyler Bassett, Ph.D. student, MSU - KBS/Plant Biology/EEBB

Emi Fergus, Ph.D. student, MSU - Fisheries and Wildlife

Amber Rice, Assistant Professor, Lehigh University

Sam Slowinski, Ph.D. student, Indiana University Bloomington

Jay Sobel, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University

Jennifer Tate, Lecturer, Massey University, NZ

Jennifer Williams, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Amanda Charbonneau

Ph.D. student

Sam Perez

Ph.D. student