Conner Lab

W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

Michigan State University

Summer 2008

Liz W, Raffica, Jeff, Debi, Yuval

Liz O, Anne

Jeffrey K. Conner

3700 East Gull Lake Drive

Hickory Corners, MI 49060

KBS Retreat 2009

Raffica and Anne

RET Debi 2008

Debi and Raffica

Summer 2009

Latarsha and Morgan

Summer 2009

Sam, Brittany, and Emma

Summer 2010

Yasmin, Marty, Cindy, Jeff, Stephen, Raffica

Sandy, Emma, Anne, Mackenzie, Laura, Idelle

Summer 1997

Jeff, Jason, Ginny, Anna, Christy, Liz

Amanda, Rachael, Liz

Summer 2005

Jeff, Cindy, Heather, Angie


Summer 2001

Christy, Tyler, Jeff, Angie, and Heather

March 2004

Angie, Heather, and Frances

Summer 2011

Shawn, Jeff, Cindy, Yasmin, Marty

Raffica, Krystal, Toria, Anne, Jasmine, Sandy (not pictured)

Summer 2011

Shawn on the hunt

Summer 2011

Jasmine, Krystal, and Yasmin

Summer 2012

Natalya, Jeff, Desmond,

Raffica, Vic, Anne (Toby), not pictured: RETs Marty and Katie

Fall 2012

Raffica, Jeff, Zhigang, Cindy, Anne (Toby)

Summer 2013

Marvin, Raffica, Mike, Andre, Emma, Jeff

Cheryl, Katie, Michayla, Anne, Michelle; not pictured: Cindy, Sam, Amanda


Counting pollen on the Coulter Counter

Katie and Cheryl

Experimenting with Brassica Fast Plants®


Loading acrylamide gels to genotype milkweeds


Dissecting radish buds to collect RNA

Hezuo Station - 2945 m (9662 ft)

Where Zhigang does his work on Aconitum. L to R: Dr. Shan Sun, Prof. Guozhen Du, Jeff, Zhigang, and grad student Yike Wang

Sept 2013

Jeff’s talk at Lanzhou University

Maqu Station - 3480 m (11,400 ft)

Summer 2015

Kola, Jeff, Cindy, Marcia

Raffica, Cheryl, Frances, Alex; not pictured: Sam, Amanda