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Charmane K. Corcoran
Information Specialist
Enterprise Information Stewardship
(formerly the Client Advocacy Office) 411 Computer Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824

Phone: 517/353-4856
FAX: 517/355-0141

Over a number of years, my position at Michigan State University morphed. Initially, my position included managing central and executive websites and Web-based communication projects. I also was involved with development of policy and implementation strategies related to the Web. Due to a change in the mission of my unit, my assignments now include data governance and enterprise-level information stewardship related to the development of enterprise level data policy, procedures, implementation, and communication strategies. These areas have some similarities but, in some cases, may seem distant from each other. In reality, the principals embedded in my work with the Web and Web Accessibility are both trasferrable and quite relevant to my work in the enterprise information stewardship and data governance arena.

My recent activities include crafting policy, policy implementation strategies, related procedures and communication strategies, facilitating related policy working groups including the MSU Web Accessibility policy, Enterprise Data Definition Standard, and the Identity Management Verification Initiative Working Groups and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley annual review working group, and creating reference data definitions and setting up the “locations” data in the Non-Credit Registration System. As in Web and Web Accessibility, attending to the people and cultural issues in Data Governance, Enterprise Information Management and Stewardship is just as critical as it is in the Web environment.

Over the coming months, more will be added to this site to reflect more recent conference presentations, publications, and other activities in the areas of Data Governance, Enterprise Information Management and Stewardship. Both old and new information will coexist. Generally, those linking to older materials will not lose the information. If something does "disappear", please feel free to request via e-mail.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. Any questions or comments can be directed to

Updated: September 10, 2008