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Kristy CunninghamMy name is Kristina Cunningham, anymore everyone calls me Kristy. I am a graduate of Michigan State University's Serious Game Design M.A. Program. I am also a Teach for America alumna (CT 2006), and my middle school ELA students taught me the importance of digital media and creativity in a 21st century educational environment. They also reminded me what inspiring and empowering experiences games are.

I enjoy all kinds of making and learning, as evidenced by my B.A. in English and Linguistics from Ohio University. During that time I also studied and interned abroad in Japan. I have not met a subject that I do not enjoy, and my love of art and design is an extension of my zeal for learning and imagination.

As an artist and designer I have a deep interest in the concept of Meaningful Play. I believe play is important to us as learners for three reasons: 1) Play invites exploration; 2) Play builds relationships; 3) Play motivates achievement.

Ultimately, my goals are to create human-centered play experiences in order to enrich the lives of people. I believe it is valuable to give people an outlet where make-believe and wonder are rewarded and celebrated, where a person can learn to imagine, question, and persevere in a quest to see a dream through.   We are creatures of play.

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