Minor in Dance

Michigan State University offers many opportunities in dance, whether you are a trained dancer, an arts connoisseur, or a newcomer to the field.

The Dance Program at MSU is unique in numerous ways. Students have the opportunity to study dance while engaged in their primary course of studies. Indeed, learning how rich the art form of dance is will broaden possibilities in educational and career choices. The Dance Program challenges students - artistically, physically, and intellectually – in all courses, ranging from the studio technique class to dance history. The diversity of students involved in these classes as well as performances creates a vibrant learning environment. Whether pursuing the Minor in Dance or not, classes and performance opportunities are open to all students ready to engage in the rigors of the art form.

Annual performances such as the Michigan State University Dance Concert with guest choreographers, student organized studio productions, and dance residencies with distinguished national and international companies provide exciting possibilities for student participation. 

Students enrolling in the Minor in Dance pursue a course of studies that introduces them to dance as a performing concert art form. Students will experience the disciplined technique and creative processes involved in dance while developing an awareness of its historical, cultural and analytical aspects.

For an appointment to set up the Minor in Dance, please contact:

Sherrie Barr MFA, CMA

Director of Dance

Associate Professor of Theatre

149D Auditorium

East Lansing, MI 48824

(517)355-0329 or