Orchesis, a student organization working closely with dance and theatre faculty, welcomes all MSU students interested in dance to be members. The group's mission is to enhance and enrich the presence of dance as an art form on campus. To fulfill this mission, Orchesis promotes numerous activities. Some examples include co-sponsoring guest artists, organizing student participation in American College Dance Festival, and offering non-credit technique classes.

Orchesis regularly produces organized studio productions and concerts. Students are encouraged to participate as performers, choreographers, and to experience the production aspects of concerts.

Orchesis provides options for students interested in teaching. Through a supervised mentoring program, students gain hands-on experience teaching an array of styles.


Read up on how it went and look at some pictures!

On October 30th, 2010 Orchesis provided a pedagogy workshop through the instruction of Sherrie Barr. WIth many Orchesis members in attendance, a great discussion and sharing of movement encouraged many dancers to further their knowledge of teaching dance. We had many dancers interested in teaching Orchesis classes and have now decided on our spring semester classes! Check out our welcome page or the non-credit technique page for more information! We look forward to seeing you in January!