Professor Carl Davidson





Department of Economics, Michigan State University 
My home since 1982

Our Graduate Program in Economics at Michigan State

No explanation required

The Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy, University of Nottingham
I am an External Research Fellow at this Centre that specializes on the impact of globalization on labor market outcomes and their policy implications 

The Mid-West International Economics Group

I started attending in 1983; wish I could get there more often; great place to present your work in international trade


Alan Deardorff's Family Tree of International Trade Economists

Fun to explore


Paul Krugmanís Blog

Always entertaining

The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
They have published two of my books on unemployment, trade and the labor market

The MBA Program at Michigan State

I started teaching microeconomics to MBA students in 1999 and have been doing so ever since



The Secret Life of the Brain 
Click on "view this exclusive clip from episode 5" to see my wife (Natalie) on TV!
She's the beauty in the blue suit.


Atlanta Brave's Home Page
Don't blame me. I was raised in Atlanta and some loyalties formed at an early age never fade away.


Gigiís Italian Restaurant

The best pizza that Iíve ever had Ė I would suggest the Gigiís Special