wra 415 digital rhetoric

digital rhetoric
fall 2006: section 001 • MW 7:00–8:20pm • 317 Bessey Hall

dig•i•tal: (adj) of or relating to data in the form of numerical digits / a machine or object operating with numbers expressed directly as digits; a method of encoding information using a binary system made up of zeroes and ones
rhet•o•ric: (noun) the art of speaking or writing effectively; the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times; the study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion; skill in the effective use of speech

Rhetoric is now electric. Writing is now electric. (Kathleen Welch)

No longer are media separate, but instead they are woven and interconnected, often relatively seamlessly. We would argue that all writing is computer-mediated; all writing is digital. That writing today means weaving text, images, sound, and video—working within and across multiple media, often for delivery within and across digital spaces. And, perhaps now more so than ever before, writing requires a deep attention to context, audience, and meaning-making across the multiple tools and media available to us as writers. (Digihet.org)

dànielle nicole devoss | devossda@msu.edu
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