Stacy Dickert-Conlin
Associate Professor of Economics
Department of Economics

486 W. Circle Drive
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Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824
Phone: (517) 353-7275
Fax: (517)432.1068
Email: dickertc@msu.ed

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Working Papers

Allocating Scarce Organs: How a Change in Supply Affects Transplant Waiting Lists  with Todd Elder and Keith Teltser, 2015

The Downs and Ups of the SNAP Caseload: What Matters?” with Laura Tiehen and Katie Fitzpatrick, 2015

Inference by College Admissions Departments,” with Michael Conlin, 2011

 “The Role of Advertising in the Growth of SNAP Caseloads,” with Laura Tiehen and Katie Fitzpatrick, 2014

The Effect of Social Security Incentives on Divorce and Remarriage Behavior ,” with Cristian Meghea, 2015

The Value of Marriage:  Love at What Price? ” with Mike Conlin and Melissa Koenig, 2005


“Voluntary Disclosure and the Strategic Behavior of Colleges ,” with Michael Conlin, and Gabrielle Chapman, 2013, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

“Applying Early Decision: Student and College Incentives and Outcomes,” with Gabrielle Chapman, Economics of Education Review, 2012.

Donorcycles: Do Motorcycle Helmet Laws Reduce Organ Donations?” with Todd Elder and Brian Moore, Journal of Law and Economics, 2011.

Suburban Legend: School Cutoff Dates and the Timing of Childbirth” with Todd Elder, Economics of Education Review, 29(5): 826-41, October 2010.

The Deer Hunter: The Unintended Effects of Hunting Regulations”, with Mike Conlin and John Pepper, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 91(1): 178-187, February 2009.

The Earned Income Tax Credit and Fertility.” with Reagan Baughman, Journal of Population Economics. 22(3): 537-63. July, 2009.

Utilization of Tax Credits for Low-Income Individuals,” with Katie Fitzpatrick and Andrew Hanson, Forum in National Tax Journal, 58: 743-85, December 2005.

The Effect of Alcohol Prohibition on Illicit Drug Related Crimes,” with Mike Conlin and John Pepper, Journal of Law and Economics, XLVIII (1): 215-234, April 2005.

Marriage Penalties in Public Programs: Social Security's Child in Care Widow(er) Program,” with Mike Brien and David Weaver, National Tax Journal, 57: 829-46, December 2004.

Widows Waiting to Wed: (Re)Marriage and Economic Incentives in Social Security Widow Benefits,” with Michael Brien and David Weaver, The Journal of Human Resources, 39(3): 585-623, Summer 2004.

Did Expanding the EITC Promote Motherhood?” with Reagan Baughman. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 93(2): 247-250, May 2003.

“The Earned Income Tax Credit: Marriage and Cohabitation,” 2003. with Scott Houser and Yun Li. National Tax Journal Papers and Proceedings, Ninety-Fifth Annual Conference, 2002, 246-252.

How Well Can We Track Cohabitation Using the SIPP? A Consideration of Direct and Inferred Measures,” with Reagan Baughman and Scott Houser, Demography, 39(3): 455-65, August 2002.

EITC and Marriage,” with Scott Houser, National Tax Journal, 55(1): 25-40, March 2002.

Slippery When Wet: The Effects of Local Alcohol Access Laws on Highway Safety,” with Reagan Baughman, Mike Conlin and John Pepper, Journal of Health Economics, 20(6): 1089 1096, November 2001.

“Employee-Based versus Employer-Based Subsidies to Low-Wage Workers: A Public Finance Perspective,” with Doug Holtz-Eakin. In Finding Jobs: Work and Welfare Reform. Rebecca Blank and David Card, editors. Russell Sage Foundation: New York: 262-395, June 2000.

Taxes and Transfers: Their Effect on the Decision to End a Marriage,” Journal of Public Economics, 73(2): 217-40, August 1999.

Policy Watch: The Marriage Penalty,” with James Alm and Leslie A. Whittington, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 13(3): 193-204, Summer 1999.

“Taxes and the Timing of Births,” with Amitabh Chandra, Journal of Political Economy, 107(1): 161-177, February 1999.

Taxes and Transfers: A New Look at the Marriage Penalty,” with Scott Houser, National Tax Journal, 51(2): 175-218, June 1998.

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“Taxes and the Poor: A Microsimulation Study of Implicit and Explicit Taxes,” with Scott Houser and John Karl Scholz, National Tax Journal, 47(3): 621-38, September 1994.

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