Judging Excellence

A framework for assessing excellence in exhibitions from a visitor-centered perspective

The project is over, and we are proud to announce the publication of our efforts in a new book from Left Coast Press!

cover of book

For information about the Excellent Judges and the Framework for Assessing Excellence in Exhibitions, please go to www.serrellassociates.org.

the museum professionals featured in the book
Barbara Becker, Hannah Jennings, Tamara Biggs, Beverly Serrell, Frank Madsen and Joy Bivens are featured in the video of the excellent judges in action on the CD that comes with the book.

To go directly to the publisher to order a copy of the book, click here: www.lcoastpress.com.

To go to the excellentjudges.org original webmaster, click here.

To go to the designer of the Judging Exhibitions book, click here.

This page updated April 26, 2006.