Slides from Intro to Museum Studies exhibits lecture, February 12, 2003:

Behind-the-scenes at the Science Museum of Minnesota: page 2 of 3

Pictures related to the exhibit are collected to start getting a sense for the design look and feel.

(My evil plan is to incorporate artists' visions of the machine world in with the sci-fi.)

A model of the floor plan is built. Little styrofoam cubes substitute for cases and rails, cut-outs for people. This gives us our first impression of how the ideas will play out in 3-D, how crowded the exhibit is, and how it may look and feel.

Designer Dick Leerhoff places a photo of the Supreme Court in a model of a theater set.

Shelves full of bits and pieces for constructing models.

Developers Chris Burda and Katrina Hase use a larger-scale model to anticipate how visitors may use a component, and how the information should be presented.

The exhibits shop at SMM, the largest in the country.

Some of the tools.

Prototyper Russ Durkee, using heavy machinery to build a component.

The desk of a prototyper -- just as messy as a designer or developer, just as full of toys and left-over bits of earlier exhibits.

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