Course Notes and Info

Intro to Exhibit Development
Summer Special Topics Course
May - June, 2003

If you missed the first session of Course HA 494 on Monday, May 12, click here

NOTE: Nothing on this page, or any of these links, should be construed as a promise, guarantee, or contract. This is simply the plan. This is how we THINK the class MIGHT go. We reserve the right to change any or all of this at any time, without notice. Probably won't, but stuff happens.

Outline, a ten-page Word document giving more detail than you could possibly want on readings, class topics, and assignments. NOTE: There's an AWFUL lot of reading the first three or four sessions. If you've signed up for the course, do yourself a favor and start doing the readings now. You'll be ahead of the game, you'll understand the first few lessons better, and your Summer won't be as crazed.


(The instructor will post his lecture notes here as Word documents at a future date.)

Session 1, Monday, May 12: Intro / What is an Exhibit?
Session 2, Wednesday, May 14: The Receiver
Session 3, Wednesday, May 28: The Proposition
Session 4, Friday, May 30: The Dramatization ||in-class exercise MSU Exhibit: Content Outline
Session 5, Monday, June 2: The Story
Session 6, Wednesday, June 11: Exhibit Plan and Components
Session 7, Friday, June 13: Label Writing Workshop
Session 8, Monday, June 23: Final presentations
Session 9, Wednesday, June 25: Issues in exhibition


Click here for a Word document listing all the course assignments.

Class Participation
Journal (due June 25)
Visitor surveys instructions (Word document) || Survey form (Word document) || (due May 28) || Survey results (Word document)
Main Message (Team assignments, due June 2)
Exhibit review (due June 11)
Storyline / Bubble Plan (Team assignment, due June 11)
Exhibit plan (due June 13)
Component sheets (due June 23)


Click here for a Word document describing the exhibit project we'll be working on in class.

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