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Exhibits lecture: Intro Museum Studies / 9-19-05 (PDF document)

Course AL494: Museum Exhibition: Theory and Development (Summer 2005)

NOTE: The links below cover only about half the course content. The other half of the course, taught by Dr. Goforth, is not included on this site, but it IS part of the class.

Course HA495: Assessing Excellence in Museum Exhibits / Summer 2004

Exhibits lecture: Intro Museum Studies / 9-19-03

Course: Intro to Exhibit Development / Summer 2003

In-class exercises:
MSU exhibit: description (Word document)
MSU Exhibit: Main Message / Content Outline / Storyline

Exhibits Lecture: Intro Museum Studies / 2-12-03

Synopsis: Excellence in Exhibition field trip / Summer 2002

Lecture / Intro Museum Studies / 10-01 (Word document)

Published articles and conference presentations