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Museum Exhibition: Theory and Development

AL 494
Summer 2005

In the Summer term 2005, I will be co-teaching, along with Dr. Teresa Gofoth, the regular exhibits course in the MSU Museum Studies program. This page contains links to various information of use or interest to students taking this course.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is just a draft. Nothing on this site (this page or any other page) may be taken as a promise or a contract, expressed or implied. All information is tentative and subject to change without notice.

IMPORTANT NOTICE #2: Dr. Goforth and I will be splitting the lectures. This page contains information ONLY on those lectures and workshops which I will be leading. Additional lectures and workshops led by Dr. Goforth, even though they are not listed here, ARE part of the class. In other words, this page covers only half the class content.


Assignment 1: Exhibit Organization (Word document) posted 7/27/05

Assignment 2: Label Writing (Word document) posted 8/3/05

Lecture Notes, July 6: Course Intro (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 6: Intro to Exhibits (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 11: Audience (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 13: Fundamentals of Communication (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 25: Message and Storyline (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 27 first half: Component Sheets (Word document)

Lecture Notes, July 27 second half: Types of Components (Word document)

Lecture Notes, August 3:Labels (Word document)

This page updated July 31, 2005.

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