WVU Biometric Fusion Tool


Biometrics is the science of establishing human identity based on the physical or behavioral attributes of an individual [1] . Multibiometric systems overcome many practical problems that occur in single modality biometric systems, such as noisy sensor data, non-universality and/or lack of distinctiveness of a biometric trait, unacceptable error rates and spoof attacks, by consolidating multiple biometric information pertaining to the same identity [3] . Biometric fusion can be implemented at various levels, such as raw data level, image level, feature level, rank level, score level and decision level. Fusion at the score level is the most popular approach discussed in the literature [2] and [3] .

The initial goal of this work was to build a GUI tool via Matlab, which can implement multiple biometric fusion rules on the match score level. There are three different families of fusion rules included in this tool.

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Input and Output

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Authorship and Use

This Matlab GUI tool was written by Yaohui Ding and Dr. Arun Ross of the iPRoBe laboratory in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University. The tool may be distributed free of charge and used by anyone if credit is given. It has been tested fairly well, but it comes with no guarantees and the authors assume no liability for its use or misuse.

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Development of this software has been supported by the grant from Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR).

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