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 Donna McGarrell

March 2012

Information Technology Staff
Ribosomal Database Project of the
Center for Microbial Ecology
Michigan State University
2225A Biomedical/Physical Sciences Bldg.

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My favorite design resources

:: Web Design

On my own:

Tips Platform Web Tool -- I'm most proud of this as I got to choose colors, design, interactive elements (used Spry tabbed panels).

Astrobiology at MSU -- my first redesign from start to finish! I need to work on making this site accessible (Section 508 compliant) ASAP.

CME redesign very rough draft (totally outdated now) -- goal to be totally accessible and finally have up-tp-date information -- have already streamlined the front page and inside headers/footers on the current site (Feb 03). Awaiting updated content.

Added Tiedje Lab section to CME's site (Jan 04). Love the color scheme! Need more content from lab members.

RDP -- We've moved on to Version 10 (Version 8 no longer available -- version 9 gone too).

Functional Gene Pipeline/Repository - Learned XML/XSLT strategy. New, brighter design.

myRDP Pipeline/Lab Assistant Mock-ups - working with users regarding needs. Experimenting on this one with CSS and background images for tabbed menu -- oops, log-in page hasn't been revised to show new look (and guess I'll need to take screenshots of inside pages).

ISME redesign -- worked on redesign only to have it taken over by their conferencing organization (official site).

VFAR site -- had a lot of fun with this one, learning more and more about jsp/db connection. Gone, but I'll see if I can find a screenshot. Was a very cool, blue site (water-bourne bacteria/disease reporting database).

Prior Learning Assessment Tutorial for Ivy Tech State College. Sorry, redesigned several times since I was there in 2001.

Web2000 Conference Notes -- lots of great information links for web developers.

Crime Control Policy Center of Hudson Institute ('95-'01) (Hudson has replaced with a new design -- will make archive of my pages available as a portfolio soon).

JASON Project for fourth-seventh graders (school no longer maintains this site, but I will make archive available for portfolio soon).

As part of a design team:

Ivy Tech State College Statewide Site (1999-2002) -- two-person design team (with Sue Morris); offered training and support to other departmental and regional webmasters. (New design implemented Sept. 2005 -- finally consistent for all campuses and looks GREAT.)

Osteoporosis Imaging Services, LLC -- collaborative design and marketing effort of me, Sue (above) and Lisa Kitchen-Butt. Was a beautiful site -- sorry to see it's gone now.

Merely cleaning up or maintaining someone else's design:

CMEIAS -- created stylesheet and used Dreamweaver template for consistent fonts/headers/footers. New version coming soon using server-side includes rather than DW templates (too much a P-I-T-A to download whole site for simple header/footer revisions).

MicroPlateDB -- a living lab notebook with new services being developed -- my new logo design, however (Mar. 04).

Shewanella -- like this site except for the justified text (doesn't appear correctly in all browsers); like the other existing sites, had too many nested tables. Content was drastically cut to just the basic info, but used to have a "pre-blog" commentary area and respository of members' presentations/posters.

:: Higher Ed. Teaching/Training

For Faculty -- Try this nifty demonstration tool called a ViewletBuilder; lets you take screenshots, record mouse movements and sound, add comment boxes and notes, and set the play time for each "slide" of your show.

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Summer 1996 CIS 100 - Computer Fundamentals for Non-computer Majors. My notes are no longer available - visit the current instructor's site -- caution, framed pages; but check out the syllabus at (course renamed CSCI-N100 in 2000; syllabus remains quite similar).

:: Elementary Ed. Teaching

Participated in the Jason Project for several years, and became a mentor teacher in the program ('97-'98) through the University of Indianapolis. Our JASON Project website (created by students in grades 4 and 7) for St. Jude School, Indianapolis is no longer maintained by the school, but I will put my files online as soon as I find the time!

Coached a team of third through fifth graders from Ponderosa Elementary to a Second-Place finish in the Odyssey of the Mind Idaho state finals in 1993. Great program! Great team! Boy, do I miss the Rocky Mountains and teaching about Idaho history (our Mountainman Rendezvous :) was the highlight of the schoolyear)!

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