Seebeck Effect Animation
Thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect

Peltier Effect Animation
Peltier effect

Research interest

My research interest is renewable energy materials mainly semiconductors. I was working as an experimentalist in Applied Physics Laboratory, Hanoi University of Natural Science, Vietnam National University in Hanoi, synthesizing and studying the Tranparent Conducting Oxide (TCO) such as Sn2O, ZnO, Ti2O used in solar cell. We have been successful to make high quality thin film TCO using simple method Pulsed Spray Pyrolysis.

When coming to Michigan State University, for better understanding metarials properties, I move for theoretical study of electronic structure using state-of-art DFT calculation in Dr. Mahanti's research group. Our focus is thermoelectric (TE) materials. Our current active project are Heusler compound such as ZrNiTi, ZrNi2Ti, Fe2VAl, Fe2TiSn; Cu-Sb-Se based materials, ...

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