Photographs of Possum Poke.

Possum Poke in Possum Lane was the Governor's winter home in Poulan, Worth County, Georgia. These photos were taken in March 1999 by Dennis Cullinan.

Big Poke.

Big Poke.

In March 1999 the ownership of Possum Poke had just been transferred from Worth County to the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.  We were unable to find anyone who had a key.  

The house is deteriorating, and it isn't likely it will be cared for now, since there is no longer anyone interested in the Governor.

The kitchen.

Big Poke's kitchen.

This is the best photograph we could get of the interior of the house. It was taken through a window. When Stellanova was living here she kept the house as a memorial to the Governor. Copies of magazine articles about him are on the walls.

When we were there it looked as though she had just walked out.  Her typewriter was in the living room, next to his wheelchair.

Flag Pole and Markers. This area between Big Poke and Little Poke contains monuments commemorating both Chase and Stellanova Osborn. The markers look like cemetery headstones, but both Chase and Stellanova are buried on Sugar Island.

Marker for Chase Osborn. CHASE SALMON OSBORN
1860 - 1949

Dynamic reform governor of
Michigan, naturalist, philosopher,
newspaperman, author, statesman,
world-traveler, many-faceted
pioneer, unforgettable personality,
good-getter -- great giver. He
inspiringly achieved his chief
ambition: to be a good citizen --
of Michigan, Georgia, the
United States of America,
the world and the universe.

Marker for Stellanova Osborn. STELLANOVA OSBORN

Poet, author, pioneer
Atlantic Unionist. Enlisting from
this camp, she rose, through
more than 20 years of full-
time volunteer service, to top
international rank in the
struggle to achieve -- through
federal union of parliamentary
democracies -- a first solid
step towards outlawing war
and strengthening individual

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