Photographs of Duck Island.

Duck Island was the Governor's home on Sugar Island, near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in the St. Marys River.
These photographs were taken in the early 1970's by Fred Clinton.

Duck Island from the air.

This photograph shows Duck Island in the foreground, with Little Duck Lake above to the left and the Sugar Island "mainland" behind.  A footbridge at the northern outlet of Little Duck Lake gives access to Duck Island from a parking area at the end of a two-track road.  The large concrete building in the center is the "Library."  It makes a good reference point. "Big Duck" is easily seen to the left.  "Little Duck" is to the right of the "Library" at the edge of the clearing, but it is not easily discernible here.  The Governor and Stellanova are buried south (to the left) of "Big Duck."  The river flows north to south (right to left), with the camp buildings facing east.

A fall view of Duck Island from the River.

Duck Island from the St. Marys.


The soap and water bubbles I gave breath to
When I was young,
Too beautiful for human touch, or pen
Or brush or tongue -

Are deathless in this river that flows always
Within my view -
The heaven of all rainbows since the one
That Noah knew;

And the brightest iridescence of my wildest
Precocious dream
Is dull beside the Tyrian dyes of this
Immortal stream.

-- Stellanova Osborn
Page 25, Balsam Boughs, copyright 1949.
Reprinted: Page 10, Summer Songs on the St. Marys, copyright 1982.

A winter view of the "Library" and Big Duck from the River.

Duck Island from the River in Winter.


Deep the snow drifts,
Shrill the wind screams,
But close at hand
The arbutus dreams.

-- Stellanova Osborn
Page 5, Beside the Cabin, copyright 1957.
Reprinted: Summer Songs on the St. Marys, copyright 1982.

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