Bump got his peculiar name the honest way: he earned it, as everyone could, while becoming the increasingly large and troublesome bump in his mom’s belly. His family has never called him by the name Scott, which his parents have admitted was a last-minute default inspired by the brand of tissues in the hospital nursery. Nice.

Bump spent his childhood in Hollidaysburg, PA where he enjoyed writing and being as noisy as possible. Upon graduating from Penn State University in 1987 he moved to Hollywood where he grew his hair very long, wrote songs, and yelled into microphones. In L.A., he was fortunate to spend many long hours recording music: a process of composing that continues to inform his present work. He returned to Pennsylvania in 1994, and his interest in non-musical composition was rekindled when he was asked to write a weekly editorial column, "The Way I See It," for a local newspaper in State College.

In the summer of 1998, Bump entered graduate school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he earned an M.A. in English. The following year he relocated to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study rhetoric, composition, and linguistics. At Carolina, he was fortunate to teach in Erika Lindemann’s writing program and to study under the direction of his mentor, Todd Taylor. Bump became Dr. Bump in 2004. Upon graduation, he spent two years teaching in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, under the direction of Andrea Lunsford, at Stanford University. I
n the fall of 2006, Bump returned to his Big Ten roots when he became a faculty member in the department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University.

Bump loves his work as a teacher and scholar. His research examines integrated-media writing pedagogy, documentary writing/production, literacy studies, and audio-visual rhetoric: subjects which allow him, happily, to continue being quite noisy.

Bump met Julie in a research methodology class at I.U.P. Five months later, having thoroughly investigated (and appropriately cited) their sources, they married while visiting Julie’s mom in Santa Barbara, CA during spring break. Their son, Sawyer, made his official debut to the world in April of 2003. He immediately ruled their universe.  However, realizing that ruling could make a guy tired, he asked for some help, which arrived in the form of his sister, Bennett, in August of 2005.  Their parents have refused all subsequent requests to expand the management team; however, in late April of 2010, Sawyer and Bennett pulled a fast one by talking
their parents into welcoming a tiny goldendoodle puppy into the family.  90 pounds later, Spencer, has matched Bennett's and Sawyer's ravenous appetite for books.  Trouble is, Spencer's is not metaphoric.

Bump, Julie, Sawyer, Bennie and Spencer enjoy living in the woods, catching (and releasing!) frogs & snakes, running, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, reading and doing most anything together. They are thrilled to be at MSU and living in this wonderful part of the country.