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The 2020 MSU Drumline Auditions have been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first round of the audition will be done by video.  The video should be posted (unlisted) on YouTube, with the link sent to drumline@msu.edu .  The deadline for sending in this video is 11:59 pm, Monday, May 18.   ALL INCOMING STUDENTS auditioning for the drumline must send in a video link.  Requirements for the video are listed on the Auditions link on the MSU Drumline Website.  Returning drumline members will only be taking part in the second round of the audition.

All of the videos will be reviewed by Jon Weber, each section leader, and the teaching assistants.  Everyone auditioning will receive feedback where he / she stands in the audition, what he / she needs to work on, and whether he / she has made it to the second round of the audition on that instrument.  If you are not chosen for your first instrument, you may have the option to play the second audition on another instrument. (For example, if you audition for snare and are not chosen, you may have the opportunity to audition for cymbals at the second audition.)

The second round of the audition will be in-person on Saturday, June 27th from 9 am – 5 pm.  All students (including returning members) are required to be at this audition.  If you have a major conflict (DCI, summer internship, wedding of immediate family member, etc.) with attending this date, please contact Jon Weber immediately at drumline@msu.edu to work out an alternate method of playing for the second audition.  All students will be evaluated on individual and ensemble playing.  The personnel of the 2020 MSU Drumline will be announced at the conclusion of this second audition.

We are very hopeful that great progress is made fighting the COVID-19 disease and Michigan State University will be open for meetings by June 27th.  If not, we will postpone the second audition until deemed safe by the CDC, state of Michigan, and MSU.  The second audition will be an in-person audition, even if we need to postpone; it will not be a second video audition.  We understand that some of you will be travelling to attend auditions; we will make every effort to confirm this date (or postpone) as far in advance as possible so you can make plans.  If you have questions or issues, please contact Jon Weber at drumline@msu.edu .

Help sessions will resume if possible before the last audition.  If help sessions can happen, information will be posted on the drumline website and help session Facebook page.

Please take care of yourselves! Best wishes,

Jon Weber
Director, MSU Drumline


Please note there are new exercises on the exercise page!

Questions? Email drumline@msu.edu


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