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EAD 855
Research in Educational Research

Christopher Dunbar
407 Erickson Hall

Email: dunbarc@msu.edu

Wed 4:10-7 pm
Office Hours: Wednesday
3-4, 7-8 or by appointment

Course Objectives

The identification of an individual school based research problem and the application of principles and techniques of educational research in seeking an understanding and possible solution to the problem(s).

Course Content

A review of educational research methods and techniques

Identification and delimitation of school based research problems

Selection of individual research problem

Implementation of the research proposal

Presentation of the research study in a report format

Schedule of Activities

First Meeting-January Wed. January 10th-An overview of educational research methods including qualitative research methods; survey research questionnaires and interviews; causal inferences.

Introduction to the course
Formation of the Proposal review groups
Form and style of the proposal
Problem identification and delimitation
Research questions or hypotheses
Human subjects concerns
Form and style of the final written report

January 17th Cresswell Chapters 1-3 and written exercises at the end of each chapter.

January 24th Cresswell, Chapters 4-6 and written exercises at the end of each chapter.

February January 31st Chapters 7-11 and written exercises at the end of each chapter.
February 7th Proposal review groups
February 14th Proposal review groups

Individual consultations concerning research projects by appointment on the following days:

Wednesday Feb.21st, Feb. 28th, Mar. 7th, 14th , 21st , 28th , Wednesday Apr. 4th , (No appointments on the 11th , AERA)

Wednesday Apr. 18th , 25th presentation of final projects 4:10-7:00


Attendance and Written Assignments 20 points

Proposal development- a brief outline and oral presentation of your research problem on February 7th and an update due Feb. 14th. 10 points each date

Submit two copies of the formal (detailed) proposal by March 14th. 20points

Final report-Submit two copies of the final research report following the format presented in class to my office (mailbox outside door) 407 Erickson Hall by Apr. 27th. 40 points

Arranging for individual conferences.


The criteria the instructor will use to assess the quality of the proposal are as follows: Could your study be duplicated by an individual with similar training and experience, if they used the same methods? Is the problem researchable? Is it feasible-can it be achieved? (time, cost, and access)

Final report-

The criteria for evaluation will be the following:
1.) Did the student conduct the research as stated in the study?
2.) Is the style and format of the presentation concise and unambiguous?
3.) The quality of the presentation

The student will not embark on the formal research project (collection and analysis of the data) until the instructor approves the formal proposal. If a UCRIHS is required, the data cannot be collected before approval by the UCRIHS committee.
Grade Distribution:
95-100 = 4.0
94-86= 3.5
85-77 = 3.0
76-66 = 2.5


Formal Proposal-must be submitted by March 14th for approval to begin your study. Approval by March 15th will facilitate completion of the project by the end of the semester.

Formal Research Report is due the last day of class if you wish to complete the course this semester. Otherwise a deferred or incomplete will be issued depending on whether the proposal has been approved (DF if proposal is approved-INC if not approved).

Text: Research Design Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches. John Cresswell
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