Products of now and the future:

Current Products: As of right now there are a few small screen devices out on the market including digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs just to name a few popular ones.  Sony has also production on a personal-entertainment handheld device.  Several companies have made prototypes for computer monitors and large screen TVs.  Lastly in Oct. 2004 AUO technology center (ATC) successfully released the world’s first double-sided active-matrix OLED.  It allows two separate images to be displayed on each side (still or moving).  It is 1.8mm thick and is less than half the weight and thickness of a double-sided LCD panel that is out on the market today. (see ref #4 AUO)
photo courtesy  PC world

Photo courtesy Sony Corporation
OLED display for Sony Clie

Future Plans:
With this wide spread of technology there are ideas for heads-up displays, cars displays, billboard-type displays, flat panel TVs, and even flexible displays.  The ideas are endless and almost anything is possible with this new advancement in Telecommunications. 

Photo courtesy
Kodak LS633 EasyShare with OLED display


      photo courtesy PC world

photo courtesy Pictiva

Personal opinion:

I feel that the cell phone and PDA market will be the first to go huge because of the fact that as of right now it is easier to make the smaller screened OLEDs.  Flat panel TVs and other larger products will follow suite once they get through the challenges of the short lifetime and other problems they are experiencing.  There will be a huge boom in the market for OLED products in the near future though.  Some may take a little longer to catch on such as clothing and large billboards, partially due to the high costs that they will start at, but once those economic obstacles lessen and the market widens in product availability and knowledge this will become one of the top selling products.