Assistant Professor       

Dept. of Linguistics and Languages

Michigan State University

B-330 Wells Hall

East Lansing, MI - 48825

Tel: 302-670-7811


durvasul AT msu DOT edu  

karthikdurvasula AT gmail DOT com 

Office hours

Mon    2:15pm - 5:00pm

    (or by appointment)

The central questions my research seeks to answer are related to the nature of phonological representations, especially phonological features, and the techniques linguists can use to probe them. Phonological research over the last 20 years or so has greatly benefited from its emphasis on experimental work, and in my more recent work, I have adopted this strategy by employing a variety of experimental techniques to get at questions related to speakers’ knowledge of phonological representations and generalizations.

My dissertation focused on nasal phenomena, as they raise many issues relevant to the understanding of phonological features/representations. I specifically examined the various types of partially-nasal stops and their behavior in nasal harmony patterns to develop a representational account of nasals that accounts for both their phonological and phonetic properties.

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