The Joy of Language

Proceedings of a symposium honoring the colleagues of David Dwyer on the occasion of his retirement



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Part I: African Languages and Linguistics

1   Is Omotic Afroasiatic? A Critical Discussion
Rolf Theil, University of Oslo

2   There was fly before dog ear get [a] sore: Vernacular Liberian English vis-ā-vis early African American English and still earlier West African Pidgin English
John Victor Singler, New York University

3   Múgiithi music as social discourse in urban Kenya: use of religious musical genre in recreating Agėkúyú cultural institutions,
Kuria Gėthiora, Michigan State University

4   Insults and folk humor: Rabelaisian parodies and Sheng’s mchongoano,
Peter Githinji, Ohio University

5   On Nigerian Pidgin: Marking Counterfactuality in Hypothetical Constructs
Olaoba Arasanyin, James Madison University


Part II: Language, Discourse and Power

6      AAE and Identity: Constructing and deploying linguistic resources
Jamila Jones and Dennis R. Preston, Michigan State University

7      Why Some Theories Work and Others Do Not: Analyzing Discourse in the First Bush-Kerry Debate (or, Why George Bush is Incredibly Articulate…for real)
James S. Bielo, Miami University of Ohio

8    Confronting Hegemonies of Language and Social Practice: An Anthropologist as ESL
Linda E. Dwyer

9    Intersections and/of Power: Indigenous Languages and the University
Mindy Morgan, Michigan State University

10   The Tyranny of Language
John M. Dwyer University of Detroit Mercy



 Part III: Language Learning and Development

11 Learners’ Expectations and Adoption of Learning Strategies in an African Language Classroom
 Akinloye Ojo, University of Georgia

12 Teaching Kiswahili in a Summer Abroad Program: The Washington University’s Experience
Mungai Mutonya, Washington University in St. Louis

13 The Less Commonly Taught Languages in the U.S. and the African Model
David Wiley, Michigan State University

14 Linguistic Taboo or Missing “Ling”?: Questions about the Place and Absence of Language in the Discourse on African Development
Don Osborn

15 Sustaining the Global Visibility of African Languages and Cultures: The Case of Swahili
Lioba Moshi, University of Georgia

16 Language endangerment in West Africa: its victims and causes

G. Tucker Childs , Portland State University


Part IV: Power and Social Justice

17    Rethinking Militarism
Richard T. Peterson, Michigan State University

18    Between Jihad and McWorld: Questions of Culture, Cultural Relativism, and Social Justice
David Perusek, Kent State University, Ashtabula

19    Social Justice in South Africa: Land Restitution in Limpopo Province
Bill Derman, Michigan State University

20    Why Nonviolence is Human
David Dwyer, Michigan State University



 Part V: Odes, Stories and Tributes

·         A Song for Grandpa David, Elizabeth, Andrew, Caroline, Daphne and Charles Jones 

·         Pidgin Feathers: For David Dwyer, Oct. 21, 2006, William Richardson

·         Ode To Retirement For David Dwyer, Lucy and Richard Robb

·         Song of Tribute to Anabel and David Dwyer, On the Occasion of David's Retirement Dinner, John Bryson Eulenberg

·         Letters: Will & Syb Rob, Laura B Dwyer, Ellen and Bill Leinbach, Chris, Elaine, and Kira Jones, Dick and Carolyn Peterson, Amr El-Bayoumi, F.L. Dammann, Ursula and Bob Vassen, Sayrah, Simei  Qing, Laura B. DeLind, Bernie and Rita Gallin, Margery Wetmore, Joan  Tirak, Lynne Goldstein, David Robinson, Anne Schneller, James Seaton, Valentin Vidrin, Tom Biron, Chege Githiora, Linda Dwyer, Judy Maxwel