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The Human-Centered Construction Computing Lab (H-Cube Lab) at Michigan State University is dedicated to understanding and applying human factors to construction systems through advanced computing for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. We seek data-driven solutions and decision makings through connecting a virtual world to balanced, optimal, and robust real work-systems that include people, technology, organization, and environments.

Our methods include construction engineering, human factors engineering, building information modeling (BIM), building science, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), social network analysis (SNA), simulation and visualization, data mining, human-subject experimentation, and spatial analysis with geographic information systems (GIS).

Our research interests are instinctively motivated by a sense of responsibility to save lives and alleviate losses. The emerging trend of climate change inspires us to input effort to the resilience and disaster mitigation upon the built environment. Construction is recognized as a dangerous and complex industry, any contribution to the risk mitigation means saving. We see data science and information technology excellent tools to reach our goals.

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