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FIRST IV: Faculty Institutues for Reforming Science Teaching: Focus on Postdoctoral Scholars.

NSF CCLI - Phase III (DUE 0817224), 2009-2113. D. Ebert-May (PI), Terry Derting (co-PI).

FIRST IV is a national dissemination project designed to reform undergraduate science education through professional development of postdocs who will design an introductory biology course based on learner-centered, scientific teaching. Participants will attend two, 4-day workshops during summers, one in 2009 followed by another in 2010, (a second cohort scheduled for 2111-2112) at a regional field station (locations and dates described on web page, link below). A team of scientists who are expert innovators, teachers, and professional developers will conduct the workshops at the field stations. During the academic year between the two workshops, postdocs will teach an introductory biology course at their home institution using the course framework which they designed during the first workshop. The field station leaders will mentor the postdocs via teleconferencing during the academic year.


FIRST III: Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching: Assessment Database.

NSF CCLI – Phase III (DUE 618501), 2007-2009. D. Ebert-May (PI). 

This database will support storing, searching and analyzing assessment data from undergraduate STEM courses. This database will facilitate both data-driven instructional decision making and research in science education.


Reforming Introductory Biology at Michigan State University – Does it make a difference?

NSF CCLI  (0736928). 2008-2010. Co-PI with Tammy Long – PI.

Reform of class meetings and laboratories of the first course in the introductory biology sequence for majors.  Longititudinal study of the impact of the curricular change on students in upper division majors courses.




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