Dr. Jon X. Eguia

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Michigan State University in East Lansing.
My contact details are:

486 West Circle Dr.
Department of Economics,
110 Marshall-Adams Hall.
Michigan State University.
East Lansing, Michigan 48823.

Office: 220A
Tel: 1 517 353 6621
Email: eguia@msu.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Here is my latest CV in abridged and long form.


I joined Michigan State University in August 2014, coming from the University of Bristol, where I remain affiliated as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow. My main areas of research are Political Economy and Microeconomic Theory.

I am currently researching questions on electoral competition, local public good provision, conflict and implementation theory. Previous research on information aggregation in financial markets, on party formation, on discrimination, on legislative bargaining, and on equilibrium selection has been published in journals such as the Journal of Political Economy, the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of Politics or Games and Economic Behavior.

Summmer 2018 News: I will participate in the King's College London Economic Theory seminar (May 16th); the U. New South Wales Economic Theory seminar in Sydney (July 5th); and the Australian Political Economy Network workshop in Canberra (July 9th).

Recent Publications

Here are some selected papers published (or accepted for publication) since I joined Michigan State in August 2014.

You can find previous publications scrolling below or on my SSRN or Google Scholar profiles, and a complete list on my CV.

Working Papers

  • 'Information and Targeted Spending', with A. Nicolo. Merges and supersedes SSRN wp 1931040 and wp 2274699. Revise and Resubmit (7/2017) at Theoretical Economics.
    Blurb: An electoral theory of targeted public good provision with imperfectly informed voters.

  • 'Implementation by vote-buying mechanisms', with D. Xefteris (March 2018). [SSRN wp 3138614]
    Blurb: We characterize the set of choice correspondences that are implementable by vote-buying mechanisms.

  • 'Regime Change' (May 2017).
    Blurb: A theory of multilateral conflict with ideologically motivated countries, with an application to the intervention in Afghanistan (2001-14).

  • 'Tactical Extremism', with F. Giovannoni. Revise and Resubmit (3/2018) at American Political Science Review.
    Blurb: An explanation of why and when mainstream political parties choose to embrace extreme policies.

  • 'k-proper Equilibria', with A. NicolÚ (2014). SSRN wp 2531741.
    Blurb: We introduce a family of equilibrium refinements that are stronger than Selten's trembling hand perfection but weaker than Myerson's proper equilibrium.

  • 'Bargaining with Outside Options', with K. Binmore (2016).
    Blurb: We survey theories of bargaining over a cake, including dynamic bargaining with an endogenous status quo. It is published as a chapter in an edited volume.

Early Career Publications

A selection of publications prior to August 2014, arranged by topic.

-On coalition formation and party formation:

-On voting and elections:

  • 'Citizen Candidates under Uncertainty.' Social Choice and Welfare 29(2): 317-331 (2007).
  • 'Contested Elections in a Citizen Candidate Model.' Economics and Politics 18: 95-102 (2006).

-On utility theory:

-On public economics: