Dr. Jon X. Eguia

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Michigan State University in East Lansing.
I am also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, and I serve as an Associate Editor of the Journal of European Economic Association.
My contact details are:

Mail address: 486 West Circle Dr.
Department of Economics,
110 Marshall-Adams Hall.
Michigan State University.
East Lansing, Michigan 48823.

Office: 220A
Tel: 1 517 353 6621
Email: eguia@msu.edu

Curriculum Vitae: Here is my latest CV in abridged and long form.


My main areas of research are Political Economy and Microeconomic Theory. I am currently researching questions on implementation theory, on conflict, and on redistricting. Previous research on information aggregation in financial markets; on electoral competition, party formation, and legislative bargaining; on discrimination; and on equilibrium selection has been published in economics journals such as the Journal of Political Economy, Theoretical Economics, Journal of Public Economics or Games and Economic Behavior; and in political science journals such as the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, or the Journal of Politics.

Summer 2019 News: Upcoming talks at U. Padova (June 4th), at U. Bocconi in Milan (June 5th) and at the Euskal Herriko U. / U. Pais Vasco in Bilbao (June 14th).

2018-19 News: I organized the Second Great Lakes Political Economy Theory conference, at Michigan State in East Lansing on September 8th, 2018.

Recent Publications

Here are some selected papers published since I joined Michigan State in August 2014 (or forthcoming).

You can find previous publications scrolling below or on my SSRN or Google Scholar profiles, and a complete list on my CV.

Working Papers

  • 'Quadratic voting with multiple alternatives', with N. Immorlica, K. Ligett, G. Weyl and D. Xefteris (April 2019). MSU Economics wp 2019-01.
    Blurb: In a collective choice problem with multiple alternatives, a quadratic voting mechanisms asymptotically implements the utilitarian optimum.

  • 'Artificial partisan advantage in redistricting' (February 2019). SSRN wp 3335967.
    Blurb: Election law: I introduce a very simple measure of partisan advantage in redistricting. Easy reading, and data from 2016 and 2018 elections.

  • 'Implementation by vote-buying mechanisms', with D. Xefteris (March 2018). [SSRN wp 3138614]
    Blurb: We characterize the set of choice correspondences that are implementable by vote-buying mechanisms.

  • 'Regime Change' (May 2017).
    Blurb: A theory of multilateral conflict with ideologically motivated countries, with an application to the intervention in Afghanistan (2001-14).

  • 'k-proper Equilibria', with A. NicolÚ (2014). SSRN wp 2531741.
    Blurb: We introduce a family of equilibrium refinements that are stronger than Selten's trembling hand perfection but weaker than Myerson's proper equilibrium.

  • 'Bargaining with Outside Options', with K. Binmore (2016).
    Blurb: We survey theories of bargaining over a cake, including dynamic bargaining with an endogenous status quo. It is published as a chapter in an edited volume.

Early Career Publications

A selection of publications prior to August 2014, arranged by topic.

-On coalition formation and party formation:

-On voting and elections:

  • 'Citizen Candidates under Uncertainty.' Social Choice and Welfare 29(2): 317-331 (2007).
  • 'Contested Elections in a Citizen Candidate Model.' Economics and Politics 18: 95-102 (2006).

-On utility theory:

-On public economics: