The Second Great Lakes Political Economy Theory Conference

will be held at Michigan State University in East Lansing (MI),

on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.


Koo conference room. Marshall-Adams Hall, 486 West Circle Drive. East Lansing, MI 48824. Department of Economics, Michigan State U.


8.55am 9.10am. Welcome and registration.

9.10am 10.00am. Peter Buisseret (U. Chicago): "The race to the base", with D. Bernhardt (UIUC) and S. Hidir (Warwick). Discussant: Carlo Prato (Columbia U.).

10.00am 10.50am. Stephan Krasa (U. Illinois): "Learning in legislative bargaining", with I. Hwang (U. Miami). Discussant: Renee Bowen (UCSD).

10.50am 11.00am. Coffee break.

11.00am 11.50am. Leyla Karakas (U. Syracuse): "The power of identity politics", with D. Mitra (U. Syracuse). Discussant: Konstantin Sonin (U. Chicago).

11.50am 12.40pm. Jean G. Forand (U. Waterloo): "Don't hatch the messenger?" with G. Ujhelyi (U. Houston). Discussant: Alexandra Cirone (Cornell U.).

12.40pm 2.10pm. Lunch at Phillips Hall (0.3 miles from Koo Room).

2.10pm 3.00pm. Wiola Dziuda (U. Chicago): "Political scandal", with W. Howell (U Chicago). Discussant: Dan Bernhardt (U. Illinois).

3.00pm 3.50pm. Davin Raiha (UWO): "Informational industrial blackmail", with A. Slivinski (UWO). Discussant: Christian Cox (Michigan State).

3.50pm 4.10pm. Coffee break.

4.10pm 5.00pm. Georgy Egorov (Northwestern U.): "Elections in non-democracies", with K. Sonin (U. Chicago). Discussant: Arturas Rozenas (New York U.)

5.45pm. Dinner for out-of-state participants.

PDF of the program.

Space is limited, and attendance is by invitation only. Each presentation is scheduled for 35 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of commentary by a discussant, and 5 minutes for open discussion.


Jon X. Eguia ( and Christian Cox (; student co-organizer), with support from the Department of Economics, from the Department of Political Science, and from the College of Social Sciences at Michigan State University.

Inaugural conference: