kisses Like many do-it-yourself things, I couldn't have made this page this all by myself, and I owe a lot to friends, colleagues, and even total strangers, who have contributed in many ways:

Thanks to all my friends who have shared their yeast experiences and knowledge with me over the years, but are too numerous and possibly shy to be named here.

Thanks to Ashley Cruce and the Bloomington Women's Health Collective for support, guidance, and valuable information.

Thanks to Kathleen and Ana for their fabulous help in explaining the medical aspects of yeast infections and for giving advice about treatments.

Thanks to my intrepid beta testers, Jenny and Jenny, for their fortitude and their insightful comments.

Thanks to Dave and Adrian for their constant support and encouragement, without which I never would have done this.

Thanks to tracy and the gals from SPOT, who bubbled with enthusiasm and support the moment I put this page on the web, and to the women at Femina, who picked the yeast infection homepage as their Featured Women's Site in October '96.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who has seen this page and then taken the trouble to write with their experiences, advice, and feedback.

Love to you all.