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Scholarly journal articles and essays contributed to scholarly volumes are listed here in alphabetical order by the author's last name. Bibliographic information about each item is provided. Keywords related to the item's coverage of Knight's work are provided in brackets after the bibliographic information to assist researchers with searches of the list.

The list of articles and essays is updated approximately 6 times per year, using EconLit and other electronic databases available through the Michigan State University Library system. Users of this list are welcome to contribute sources I may have missed. Please email me at the contact email provided on my website.

  • Asso, P.F., and L. Fiorito. 2003. “Waging War Against Mechanical Man: The Knight-Copeland Controversy Over Behaviorism in Economics.” Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 21-A: 65-104. [behaviorism; economic methodology; philosophy; institutionalism]
  • Asso, P.F., and L. Fiorito. 2003. “Sulla Riflessione Epistemoligica in Economia Negli Anni Venti: Una Lettera Inedita di Frank Knight a Jacob Viner.” Studi e Note di Economia 2: 63-70. [Viner]
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  • Bewley, T.F. 1986. “Knightian Decision Theory: Part I.” Cowles Foundation, Yale University. Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. 807 (November). [uncertainty]
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  • Dewey, D. 1990. “Frank Knight before Cornell: Some Light on the Dark Years.” Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 8: 1-38. [biography; religion]
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  • [Hayek; liberalism; democracy; government by discussion]
  • Emmett, R.B. 2006. Frank H. Knight, Max Weber, Chicago Economics, and Institutionalism. Max Weber Studies, Weber and Economics: Beiheft 1, 101-19. [Weber; Chicago; institutionalism]
  • Emmett, R.B. 2006. De Gustibus Est Disputandum: Frank H. Knight's Response to George Stigler and Gary Becker's ‘De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum’.” Journal of Economic Methodology 13.1 (March): 97-111.
  • [de gustibus, religion, economic methodology, Chicago]
  • Emmett, R.B. 1999. “The Economist and the Entrepreneur: Modernist Impulses in Frank H. Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and Profit.” History of Political Economy 31 (Spring): 29-52. [uncertainty; risk; entrepreneur; methodology]
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