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Online materials by and about Frank Knight.

Materials by Frank H. Knight
Knight, Frank H. 1921. Cost of Production and Price over Long and Short Periods. Journal of Political Economy 29.4 (April): 304-335.
Knight, Frank H. 1921. Risk, Uncertainty and Profit. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
Materials about Frank H. Knight -- General
Frank Knight -- Origins of the Chicago School. Economic Insights (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) 7.3
Frank H. Knight: Economics. The University of Chicago Faculty: A Centennial View.
Frank H. Knight, 1885-1972. New School: History of Economic Thought.
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Materials about Frank H. Knight -- Scholarly
Asso, P.F., and L. Fiorito. 2001. Waging War Against Mechanical Man. Frank H. Knight's Critique of Behavioristic Psychology. Univ. of Siena Economics Working Paper No. 340.
Emmett, R.B. 2003 [1996]. "What is Truth" in Capital Theory? Five Stories (and Some Questions) Relevant to the Evaluation of Frank Knight's Contributions to the Capital Controversy.

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