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Knight's Writings:
Selected Essays by Frank H. Knight

2 volumes (1999)

Frank H. Knight
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Selected Essays by Frank H. Knight is the newest collection of Knight's essays, and the first published since his death. The 2 volumes contain essays which cover Knight's career both chronologically and topically. The essays included span the period from the early 1920s to the late 1960s and cover favorite Knight topics ranging from the intricacies of capital theory and economic methodology to the prospects for liberal society. Although a number of the essays are also contained in the three "sampler" volumes published during Knight's life (The Ethics of Competition, Freedom & Reform, and On the History & Method of Economics), about 40% of the material in these two volumes is not found in the earlier collections.

Knight, Frank H. 1999. Selected Essays by Frank H. Knight, edited by Ross B. Emmett. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Volume 1: "What is Truth" in Economics?

  • The Limitations of Scientific Method in Economics (1924)
  • Ethics and the Economic Interpretation (1922)
  • The Ethics of Competition (1923)
  • Some Fallacies in the Interpretation of Social Cost (1924)
  • Fact and Metaphysics in Economic Psychology (1925)
  • Historical and Theoretical Issues in the Problem of Modern Capitalism (1928)
  • Statics and Dynamics: Some Queries regarding the Mechanical Analogy in Economics (German: 1930, English: 1935)
  • The New Economics and the Control of Economic Activity (1932)
  • Capitalistic Production, Time, and the Rate of Return (1933)
  • Modern Thought: Is it Anti-Intellectual? and God and Professor Adler and Logic (1934, 1940)
  • The Ricardian Theory of Production and Distribution (1935)
  • The Quantity of Capital and the Rate of Interest (1936)
  • Unemployment: And Mr. Keynes' Revolution in Economic Theory (1937)
  • "What is Truth" in Economics? (1940)

Volume 2: Laissez-Faire:
Pro and Con


  • Ethics and Economic Reform (1939)
  • Socialism: The Nature of the Problem (1940)
  • Anthropology and Economics (1941)
  • The Business Cycle, Interest, and Money: A Methdological Approach (1941)
  • Some Notes on the Economic Interpretation of History (1942)
  • The Meaning of Freedom and The Ideal of Freedom: Conditions for Its Realization (1943)
  • The Rights of Man and Natural Law (1944)
  • Realism and Relevance in the Theory of Demand (1944)
  • The Sickness of Liberal Society (1946, 1947)
  • Virtue and Knowledge: The View of Professor Polanyi (1949)
  • Economics and Ethics of the Wage Problem (1951)
  • The Role of Principles in Economics and Politics (1951)
  • Science, Society, and the Modes of Law (1956)
  • Philosophy and Social Institutions in the West (1962)
  • Laissez-Faire: Pro and Con (1967)

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