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1885 Birth: November 7, in White Oak Township, McLean County, Illinois
1890s Early Education (up to grade 8): Buckeye School, Lawndale Township, McLean County, Illinois
School history
Attended Lexington High School, Lexington, Illinois
Attended American University, Harriman, Tennessee
American closed in 1907
1906 Attended University of Chicago, summer
Courses: Trigonometry and 2 upper-level physics courses (incl. 1 with R.A. Millikan, winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physics)
Stenographer, Jamestown Exposition, Norfolk, Virginia
Attended Milligan College, Tennessee
Ph.B., 1911; taught lower-division science, commerce and German courses while a student
1911 Married Minerva O. Shelburne, May 23
Children: Laura Eleanor (1915), Alice Louise (1918), Horace Shelburne (1920), Gladys Susan (1922)
Divorced, 1928
Attended the University of Tennessee
B.S., 1913 and M.A. (German), 1913; M.A. Thesis: "Gerhart Hauptmann as an Idealist"
1913 Summer trip to UK and Europe
Purchased political pamphlets (now part of Univ. of Chicago collection) and attended lectures in Heidelberg
Attended Cornell University
Began studies in philosophy; transfered to economics in first year
PhD, 1916; Diss., "A Theory of Business Profit"; supervisor: A.A. Young
Department of Economics , Cornell University
PhD diss., retitled as "Cost, Value, and Profit" wins second place in Hart, Schaffner & Marx essay competition (1917)
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
Department of Economics, University of Iowa
Associate Professor, 1919-1922; Professor, 1922-28
1921 Publication of Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit
Boston: Houghton Mifflin
1926 Summer spent at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Finished translation of Max Weber's General Economic History, published in 1927
1927 Publiction of Knight's translation of General Economic History, by Max Weber
An Adelphi Publication, New York: Greenberg
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
Fall, 1927 (new appointment)
Department of Economics, University of Iowa
Spring 1928 (completion of old appointment)
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
Professor, 1928-1951; Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, 1951-1972
Co-editor, Journal of Political Economy
with Jacob Viner
1929 Married Ethel Verry, September 3
Children: Frank Bardsley (1933), Charles Alfred (1936)
1933 LSE Reprint of Risk, Uncertainty and Profit
Reprints of Scare Tracts in Economic and Political Science, no. 16
with additional prefaces and introductory notes for editions of 1933, 1940, 1948, 1957

Private Publication of "The Dilemma of Liberalism"
"The Case for Communism" and "The Intellectual and the Worker"
Ann Arbor, MI: Edwards Brothers

1935 Publication of The Ethics of Competition
Essays compiled by Milton Friedman, Homer Jones, George Stigler, and Allen Wallis
New York: Harper & Bros.
1945 Publication of The Economic Order & Religion
Co-authored with Thornton W. Merriam
New York: Harper & Bros.
1947 Publication of Freedom & Reform: Essays in Economics and Social Philosophy
Essays compiled by Hubert Bonner, William Grampp, Milton Singer, and Bernard Weinberg
New York: Harper & Bros.
1950 President, American Economic Association
1951 Publication of The Economic Organization
With an article "Notes on Cost and Utility"
New York: Augustus M. Kelley
Originally published for classroom use by University of Chicago Press, 1933
1956 Publication of On the History and Method of Economics: Selected Essays
Essays compiled by William L. Letwin and Alexander J. Morin
Chicago: University of Chicago Press
1957 Francis A. Walker Medal, American Economic Association
1960 Publication of Intelligence and Democratic Action
Lectures, Thomas Jefferson Center for Studies in Political Economy, University of Virginia, 1958
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press
1972 Death: April 15, in Chicago , Illinois
Ashes interned in the burial crypt, First Unitarian Church of Chicago (picture)

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