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Founding Editor: Warren J. Samuels, Michigan State University

Research in the History of Economic Thought & Methodology is an annual research series which presents materials in both the history of economic thought and the methodology of economics. A broad range of contributions to both fields are considered.

The annual series includes three volumes:

The A volume contains peer-reviewed articles comparable to other academic journals in the history of economics, except that long pieces are welcome. The A volume also publishes symposia, and review essays on new works in the history of economic thought, methodology and related fields (philosophy of science, sociology of science, rhetoric of science, and intellectual history), including multiple reviews of the same work.

The B volume includes guest-edited essay anthologies; collections of hitherto unpublished archival materials, often organized and introduced by an editor; and other archival materials.

The C volume includes archival supplements that present hitherto unpublished materials -- lecture notes, papers, longer manuscripts, correspondence, etc.-- of interest in both fields.


  • Ross B. Emmett: Professor, James Madison College, Michigan State University
    • Lead Editor; book review editor, volume A; editor for volume B
  • Jeff E. Biddle: Professor, Economics, Michigan State University
    • editor for peer-reviewed articles in volume A
  • Marianne F. Johnson: Associate Professor, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
    • editor for volume C

As founding editor, Warren Samuels continues an active association with the research annual's editors.

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