FS14 Office Hours: MW 4:40-5:10p, Tu 2:20-3:20p

FS14 Courses
  • JPN 401 "Fourth-Year JPN I," TuTh 12:40-2:00p (B100 WH)
  • JPN 431. "Advanced Spoken JPN," MW 3:00-4:20p (M A208 WH; W A303 WH)
"Pray for Japan"
Recent courses
  • JPN 101.005,006. "First-Year JPN," FS13
  • JPN 350. "Studies in JPN," SS14
  • JPN 441. "JPN Short Stories," SS13
  • JPN 451. "Advanced JPN for JLPT Prep," FS13 
  • LIN 491,002. "JPN Linguistics," SS14
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M. Endo Hudson

I am a professor of Japanese and linguistics, and Director of the Japanese Program in the Dept. of Linguistics and Languages at Michigan State University. My research interests are in linguistics, especially pragmatics, discourse, and functional grammar, and language pedagogy (abbreviated vita). I enjoy teaching courses in all levels of Japanese language, teaching methods, and linguistics. In summer I often teach in the Master's Program in Japanese Language Pedagogy at Columbia University ("Japanese Pragmatics" in 2015, "Intermediate/ Advanced Japanese Teaching Methods" in 2013). In June 2004, I was awarded Japanese Foreign Minister's Certificate of Commendation (Gaimu Daijin Hyoushou). I am married to Grover Hudson, also a linguist.

Japanese Garden at MSU
Photo by Tim Potter, copyright MSU Alumni Association

M. Endo Hudson, Ph. D.
Michigan State University, Dept. of Linguistics and Languages
A-633 Wells Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824, U.S.A.
Phone: 517-432-7164 ; Fax: 517-432-2736
E-mail: endo@msu.edu


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