To ask for a recommendation letter...

Please e-mail me the following information at least ** 3 weeks** in advance of the deadline.
  1. Deadline of the recommendation letter
  2. Your full name , status (e.g. Jr., Sr), & major
  3. Your GPA (attach an unofficial transcript)
  4. Your statement of purpose and/or a cover letter
  5. Information about the scholarship, graduate program, job, etc. that you're applying for; . e.g. website, job description
  6. Name & address to which the letter should be sent; e.g. website, postal address
  7. Course(s) you took with me -- course, semester, year, & grade you received
  8. Any notable things you did in (or outside) the course(s)  
(I've taught thousands of students in my career and  I can't remember them all...)
I would appreciate it if you would let me know whether your application was (or was not) successful when you find it out. Thank you    & good luck! 
Endo  <>