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The HEF&L Detective Agency

The years were 1953-56.  Ike was in the White House. Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy was serving on Capitol Hill.

Jack Webb and Ben Alexander played, respectively, Sergeant Joe Friday and Officer Frank Smith in Dragnet in black and white on NBC-TV.

Four boys on the North Side of Chicago, aged 9 to 11, founded  a detective agency that carried them into adventures of intrigue and danger. Their parents were only dimly aware of this side of their sons' life. The agency: HEF&L Detective Agency
, named after the initials of their surnames.
HEF&L Territory
The principals:
Howard Manfred Hoffmann of the corner of West Glenlake Avenue and North Greenview Avenue, John Bryson Eulenberg, Gerry Fitzsimmons, and Peter Lynch, all of the 1400 block of Norwood Street between Greenview and Glenwood.

What has become of these boys? In this first decade of the 21st century, they are four sexagenarians. The cases that the HEF&L Detective Agency worked on are filed away in their fading memories. What exploits did these four engage in? Did their detective work prepare them for careers as lawyers and scientists? Did they learn about human nature? Did they actually solve any crimes?

Will they ever meet again? Is there yet a case for them to tackle?
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