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Ruth's Song

Where you go, I will go there.
Where you bide, I will bide there.
I shall be of your family,
For your god is my god.

 Ruth's Song
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Ruth's Song
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Ruth's Song
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I will love you completely,
With a love everlasting.
God has brought us together now.
You are one with my heart.

May the Lord hear this promise;
May he keep us together.
All my days, all my life,
I give to you.

Music Copyright Joan S. Gochberg 1999
Words Copyright John B. Eulenberg 1999

Ruth I:16-17 el-a-sher teil-khi ei-leikh
u-va-a-sher ta-li-ni a-lin
..For whither you go, I shall go
And where you stay, I shall stay

am-meikh am-mi
vei-lo-ha-yikh eh-lo-hai
Your people, my people
And your god, my god.

ba-a-sher ta-mu-ti a-mut
v'-sham ek-ka-veir
Where you die, I shall die,
and there I shall be buried.

ko ya-a-seh A-do-nai li
v'-kho yo-sif
Thus may Adonai do to me, and more
ki ha-ma-veht yaf-rid
bei-ni u-vei-neikh
If aught but death parts you and me


Revised May 28, 2001