Fred C. Dyer
Professor, Ph.D. 1984 , Princeton University, Full Vita

Current Lab Members

Frank Bartlett (Postdoc), Ph.D. 2006, Michigan State University

John Townsend-Mehler (Ph.D. student), B.A., Earlham College, B.S., Montana State University
    Project:  Comparative studies of decision-making in the search for nectar

Former Lab Members

Stephanie Bussema, M.S., 2009
    Project: Active vision in chameleons

Des Ramirez, M.S., 2009
    Project: Vision in the dance language of honey bees

Kathryn Wharton, Ph.D., 2008
    Project:  Decision making by honey bee queens (co-advised with Tom Getty)

Matthew Collett, NRSA Post-doctoral Fellow, D.Phil. 1999, University of Oxford
    Project:  Navigation in bees and ants
    Current position:  Lecturer, University of Reading, UK

Cindy Wei, Ph.D. 2004
    Project:  Active Vision and Landmark Learning in Honey Bees
    Current position:  AAAS Fellow, National Science Foundation

Puja Batra, Ph.D. 2002
    Ph.D. Dissertation:  Pollination Ecology in Asian Honey Bees

Dina Grayson, M.S., 2001
    Project:  Foraging Decisions and Dance Communication in Bees
    Current position:  Ph.D. student, Department of Biology, Arizona State University

Jeff Dickinson, Ph.D., 1997
    Ph.D. Dissertation: How Do Bees Compute the Position of the Sun? Alternative Representations
    Current position: Programmer, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, DE

Elizabeth Capaldi, Ph.D. 1996
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Acquisition of Visual Spatial Memory: Orientation and Reorientation Flights in the    
            Honey Bee
    Current position: Associate Professor of Biology, Bucknell University

Karen Cebra, M.S., 1990
    M.S. Thesis: Foraging for cryptic prey by domestic fowl: investigations of the role of search images
    Current position: Exhibits Director, Explorit Science Center, Davis, CA