4-H Brochure


Kali Fields
West Akers 562
East Lansing, MI 48825
Last modified: December 13, 2006

Title: 4-H Brochure

Objective: Create a brochure using Adobe PageMaker to communicate about a chosen
ANR issue or career. I chose to promote the 4-H program.

Resources: Completed this project alone, Internet, Class notes, Adobe Pagemaker, Computer

Timeline: 1 Week

File: The file size is 85 KB and the file name is brochureforfieldska.pdf . The URL for the brochure is http://msu.edu/~fieldska/portfolio\brochureforfieldska.pdf

* Researched all about 4-H on the Internet(30 mins)
*Selected the most useful information out of the research(15 mins)
*Determined the layout of my brochure(1 hr)
*Used Adobe Pagemaker to put all my information into brochure format(1 hr)
*Added graphics to my brochure(30 mins)

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