RegionLocation 2012 Workshop DatesRegional Leaders
30 miles East of Washington DC on Chesapeake Bay
May 16 - 18
Travel dates: May 15 and 19

Christopher Finelli (UNC, Wilmington)
Courtney Richmond (Rowan University)
Michelle Withers (University of West Virginia)

Alison Roark (Hood College)

Sapelo Island, GA
May 20 - 22
Travel dates: May 19 and 23

Stephanie Aamodt (LSU, Shreveport)
Peggy Brickman (University of Georgia)

Elizabeth Derryberry (LSU)

Midwest KBS
Michigan State University
Hickory Corners, MI
May 30 - June 1
Travel dates: May 29 and June 2

Janet Batzli (University of Wisconsin)
Debra Linton (Central Michigan University)

Emily Rauschert (Penn State)


University of Oregon
Charleston, OR

June 15 - 17
Travel dates: June 14 and 18

Clarissa Dirks (Evergreen State College)
Jan Hodder (University of Oregon)
Kathy Williams (San Diego State University)

Chris Tubbs (San Diego Zoo)

Rocky Mountains

University of Colorado

Nederland, CO

June 19 - 21

Travel dates: June 18 and 22

Jennifer Knight (CU, Boulder)
Marcy Osgood (University of New Mexico)

Jamie Keck (CU, Boulder)