Peaches the Cat's Home Page

Peaches in the window This is Peaches the Cat. He is gracious and generous enough to bless us with his presence. The reality is, of course, that he lives a mighty fine life -- however, he quite clearly thinks that this is only his due.

Peaches was originally a stray who wandered into Melissa's friend Terri's yard. Terri KNEW that Melissa would want this cute, cuddly ball of fur (he was about 3-4 months old at the time), and so called Melissa over to check him out. Melissa hauled me along for "resistance support", but it was hopeless... We picked him up, and he burrowed that soft little furry head of his into our necks and purred madly. It was a lost cause.

It probably goes without saying, for those of you who know cats, that this was the last time he indulged in this behavior. Once safely ensconced in his new home, he quickly let it be known that there was no need for that sort of behavior anymore. That was then, this is now...

An additional theory, at least on my part, is that he is highly resentful of the name 'Peaches', as he is a very hard-nosed little hombré. Turns out that we named him before clearly identifying his gender, believing him to be a cute little her at the time of naming. Peaches it was, and he's had an attitude ever since. Kinda like 'A Boy Named Sue', I think.

Peaches on his back You see him in these pictures doing what he absolutely does best (a trait shared with most felines) - nuthin'! He excels at, and is exceedingly comfortable with, a feline life of leisure. Peaches is probably one of the most relaxed cats I have had the dubious pleasure of knowing, and a highly favored sleeping position is that seen in this picture - flat on his back, with limbs akimbo. He's ok with it... why shouldn't we be?

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