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Application Requirements

What are the basic application requirements?
To be eligible for consideration, applicants to the Forensic Science Masters program at Michigan State University must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. Please note that in recent years, successful applicants have generally had GPAs of 3.5 or better.

Applicants must have completed or be near completion of a Bachelors of Science degree from an accredited institution in an appropriate major. For example, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Chemical Engineering.

Please see Application Instructions for more information.

Are there any undergraduate courses recommended in preparation for graduate study in forensic science, or for application to the program?
The coordinators of each concentration have identified a number of undergraduate courses that have proven helpful in pursuing graduate study in forensic science. These may already be included in an applicant's undergraduate program requirements; if not, it is suggested that these courses be taken as electives.

General and organic chemistry, biochemistry, quantitative analysis, instrumental methods, and physical chemistry. Laboratory research experience is preferred.

Although my degree is in an unrelated field of study, I have taken quite a few science courses. Am I eligible to apply?
No. A strong science background is required for admission to the Forensic Science Masters program (as well as future employment in a crime laboratory), and an applicant's degree must be in a biological, natural, or physical science.

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