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Forensic Anthropology Graduates

Elena Watson - Lower limb activity and mobility patterns in medieval Nubia: A biomechanical approach of femoral and tibial cross-sectional geometry from Mis Island (2018)

Maureen Moffit - The Evaluation of Macromorphoscopic Traits to Determine Secular Change Among a Sample of African and American Blacks (2017)

Karlyn Lawrence - The effects of Cerebral Palsy on dental development (2013)

Nicole Geske - A Comparative Analysis of Three Sternal Rib End Aging Methods on an American Sample (2013)

Kacie Miner - An Examination of the Relationship Between Asymmetrical Antemortem Tooth Loss and Asymmetrical Cranial Suture Closure (2013)

Kristin Perrine - The Effect of Dental Restorations on Two Dental Aging Methods Utilizing Tooth Root Translucency (2012)

Julie Fleischman - A Comparative Evaluation of the Chen et al. and Suchey-Brooks Pubic Bone Aging Methods on a North American Sample (2011)

Jane Wankmiller - Positive Identification Using Comparisons of Lumbar Spine Radiographs: A Validation Study (2010)

Andrea Clowes - A Comparison of Two Methods of Age Determination using Histomorphology: Periosteal versus Endosteal Surface Equations (2008)

Amber Heard - Non-Metric Assessment of Southeast and Northeast Asian Ancestry in the Forensic Context (2008)
Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Christina Malone - A Radiographic Assessment of Pediatric Fracture Healing and Time Since Injury (2008)

Nicole Burt - Testing the Demirjian Method and International Demirjian Method on an Urban American Sample (2007)

Melissa Torpey - An Investigation of Stages of Epiphyseal Union in the Cervical Vertebrae of Young Adult Skeletons (2006)

Shirliejean Arnold - Metric Methods Used to Determine Race: Can they Identify Native Michigan Populations? (2005)

Jennifer Beatty - Proof of Death: An Analysis of the Methods that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Used to Establish Death (2005)
Employed by the United States Department of Justice, International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program.

Elizabeth Whitman - Differentiating between Human and Non-Human Secondary Osteons in Human, Canine, and Bovine Rib Tissue (2004)