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Forensic Chemistry Requirements

The Master of Science program in Forensic Science is available only under Plan A (with thesis). Each student will have a thesis advisory committee comprised of an academic advisor and two other program faculty. A Forensic Chemistry student must complete at least 38 credits as follows:

CEM 832 Mass Spectrometry 3
CEM 835 Advanced Analytical Chemistry II 3
CJ 804 Crime Scene Investigation 1
CJ 805 Survey in Forensic Science 3
CJ 817 Law and Forensic Science 2
CJ 819 Forensic Analysis of Drugs and Alcohol 3
CJ 820 Forensic Chemistry and Microscopic Evidence 3
NSC 820 Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis 3
PHM 431 Pharmacology of Drug Addiction 3
Approved electives 8
FRS 899 Masters Thesis Research 6
Attend at least one Masters Seminar Series Lecture per semester
Pass an oral examination in defense of the thesis.