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Recent Publications

Forensic Chemistry

Setser, A.L., and Waddell Smith, R. Comparison of variable selection methods prior to linear discriminant analysis classification of synthetic phenethylamines and tryptamines. Forensic Chemistry 2018, 11, 77-86.

McIlroy, J.W., Waddell Smith, R., and McGuffin, V.L. Fixed- and variable-temperature kinetic models to predict evaporation of petroleum distillates for fire debris applications. Separations 2018, 5, 47.

Anstett, A.L., Chu, F., Alonso, D.E., and Waddell Smith, R. Characterization of 2C-phenethylamines using high-resolution mass spectrometry and Kendrick mass defect filters. Forensic Chemistry 2018, 7, 47-55.

Reese KL, Jones AD, Waddell Smith R. Characterization of Smokeless Powders using Multiplexed Collision-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry and Chemometric Procedures. Forensic Science International 2017, 272, 16-27.

Bodnar-Willard MA, McGuffin VL, Waddell Smith R. Statistical Comparison of Mass Spectra for Identification of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants. Forensic Science International 2017, 270, 111-120.

Waddell Smith R, Brehe RJ, McIlroy JW, McGuffin, VL. Mathematically Modeling Chromatograms of Evaporated Ignitable Liquids for Fire Debris Applications. Forensic Chemistry 2016, 2, 37-45.

Holt TJ, Blevins KR, Waddell Smith R. Examining the Impact of Organizational and Individual Characteristics on Forensic Scientists’ Job Stress and Satisfaction. Journal of Crime and Justice 2016 doi: 10.1080/0735648X.2016.1216731.

Hogg SR, Hunter BC, Waddell Smith R. Elemental Characterization and Discrimination of Non-Toxic Ammunition using Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis and Principal Components Analysis. Journal of Forensic Sciences 2016, 61, 35-42.

McIlroy JW, Waddell Smith R, Victoria L. McGuffin VL. Assessing the Effect of Data Pretreatment Procedures for Principal Components Analysis of Chromatographic Data. Forensic Science International 2015, 257, 1-12

Forensic Biology

JB Keven, L Reimer, M Katusele, G Koimbu, R Vinit, N Vincent, E Thomsen, DR Foran, PA Zimmerman and ED Walker 2017 Plasticity of host selection by malaria vectors of Papua New Guinea. Parasites & Vectors 10 DOI: 10.1186/s13071-017-2038-3

EM Jesmok, JM Hopkins and DR Foran 2016 Next-Generation Sequencing of the Bacterial 16S rRNA Gene for Forensic Soil Comparison: A Feasibility Study.Journal of Forensic Sciences 61, 607–617

DR Foran, AB Fischer and ME Stoloff 2015 A comparison of mitochondrial DNA amplification strategies for species identification . Journal of Forensic Investigation 3, 1–7

LM Hebda and DR Foran 2015 Assessing the utility of soil DNA extraction kits for increasing DNA yields and eliminating PCR inhibitors from buried skeletal remains. Journal of Forensic Sciences 60, 1322–1330

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A.E. Doran, D.R. Foran. Assessment and Mitigation of DNA Loss Utilizing Centrifugal Filtration Devices. Forensic Science International, 2014, Vol. 13, 187-190

A.M. Fazi, B.M. Gobeski, D.R. Foran. Development of Two Highly Sensitive Forensic Sex Determination Assays Based on Human DYZ1 and Alu Repetitive DNA Elements. Electrophoresis, 2014, Vol. 35, 3028-3035

Forensic Anthropology

M. Pilloud,  J.T. Hefner, T. Hanihara, A. Hyashi. The use of tooth crown measurements in the assessment of ancestry. Journal of Forensic Science 2014, Vol. 59(6), 1493-1501

J.T. Hefner and S.D. Ousley. Statistical Classification Methods for Estimating Ancestry using Morphoscopic Traits. Journal of Forensic Science 2014, Vol. 59(4), 883-890

J.T. Hefner, M.K. Spradley, B. Anderson. Ancestry Assessment Using Random Forest Modeling. Journal of Forensic Science 2014, Vol. 59(3), 583-589

R.W. Mann, P. Tuamsuk, J.T. Hefner. Congenital Os Odontoideum: An Unusual Constellation of Skeletal Features in an Osteological Specimen from Thailand. International Journal of Paleopathology 2013, Vol. 3, 302-306

B.J. Powell, N.V. Passalacqua, T.W. Fenton, R.C. Haut. Fracture characteristics of entrapped
head impacts vs. controlled head drops in infant porcine specimens
. Journal of Forensic
Sciences 2013, Vol. 58(3), 678-683

M.J. Mutolo, L.L. Jenny, A.R. Buszek, T.W. Fenton, D.R. Foran. Osteological and Molecular Identification of Brucellosis in Ancient Butrint, Albania. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2012, Vol. 147, 254-263

B.J. Powell, N.V. Passalacqua, T.G. Baumer, T.W. Fenton, R.C. Haut. Fracture Patterns on
the Infant Porcine Skull Following Severe Blunt Impact
. Journal of Forensic Sciences 2012, Vol. 57(2), 312-317