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Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice, Wiley (2009).

·         United States Food Law: Consumers, Controversies, Current Issues, 1 European Consumer Law Journal 15-42 [Revue Européenne de Droit de la Consommation ] (Stéphanie Mahieu, ed., 2009).

Food Safety Regulations Applicable to Imported Foods, 45-68 in Imported Foods: Microbiological Issues and Challenges (Mike P. Doyle and Marilyn C. Erickson, eds., 2008).

Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act: The Requirements Enacted, Challenges Presented, and Strategies Fathomed, 10 Journal of Medicine and Law 126-142 (Spring 2006). [Abstract]

Secured Transactions, UCC Article 9, Law in a Flash, Aspen Publishers (2006).

Is a Picture Worth More Than 1,000 Words? The Fourth Amendment and the FDA’s Authority to Take Photographs Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Neal D. Fortin, 1 Journal of Food Law and Policy 239-268 (Fall 2005).  [Abstract]

The Hang-Up With HACCP: The Resistance to Translating Science into Food Safety Law, 58 Food and Drug Law Journal 565-594, Vol. 58:4 (2003). [Abstract]with permission from FDLI

United States Food Law: Consumers, Controversies, Current Issues, European Consumer Law Journal (2009).

Food Regulation in the United States, chapter 12 in China’s Food Safety Law, International Perspective (Du Gangjian, ed., Sun Juanjuan translator, Higher Education Press of China, forthcoming 2009).

Codex Alimentarius Commission, chapter in Handbook of Transnational Economic Organizations (Christian Tietje and Alan Brouder, eds., Martinus Nijhoff, 2009).

Law Related Publications

Naturally Confused, Food Product Design (March 2008).

Dishing Up Whole Grain Claims, Food Product Design 118 (June 2007).

Why Food Laws Matter: Laws and Institutions Go Hand in Hand with the Health of Business, Food Product Design 102 (Mar.  2007).

Health Claims, Healthy Trends: Navigating the Legal Thicket, Neal Fortin, Food Product Design (June 2006) available at:

Food Allergen Labeling Overview, Talk Handout (June 2005).

Fats in the Fast Lane: Changes in Fatty Acid Regulation, Labeling, and Allowed Claims, Food Product Design 148 (March 2005).

Infamous Lawsuit Liability, Food Product Design (December 2005).

FDA’s Final Rules on Recordkeeping: The Fourth Set of Food Regulations Required Under the Bioterrorism Act, Food Product Design 152 (September 2005).

Protecting Our Vulnerable Food Supply, (with Pestronk and Lindsay), 30 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Special Supplement to Vol. 30:3, pp. 96-104 (Fall 2002).


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