Service-Learning Writing Project Update

April 19, 2008


Contact Person:

Dave Smith
(517) 337-9459 (p)
(517) 337-3943 (f)

Student Writer:

Jocylen Fox
(616) 634-2407

We are to create promotional materials for ELROW. These will include:

1. Describe in detail your progress to date:

We have created a Facebook group for ELROW. This can be found by following this link. In this Facebook group, updates and special events related to ELROW will be posted. We have come up with an idea for a video. This video will show statistics on recycling. We are thinking of getting a group of people to sit on a hill and throw around a piece of paper. Once one person catches it will show a statistic, they'll throw it to the next, and they will open it with a different statistic showing. This video still needs to be made. The brochure we are creating will resemble a water bottle, but we still have to put that together.

2. Have any problems surfaced? Describe:

There have been no problems thus far.

3. Your plan for dealing with problems or obstacles:

updated: 4.19