Alan Fryday

Publications - North America

Fryday, A. M. & McCarthy, J. W. (2018) Hymenelia parva: a new species of Hymenelia (Hymeneliaceae, Ostropomycetidae) from Newfoundland, Canada. Graphis Scripta 30(6): 44–50.
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Fryday, A. M. (2017) Additions to the lichenized fungi biota of North America and Alaska from collection held in the University of Alaska Museum of the North herbarium (ALA). Arctic Science 3(3): 577–584.
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Fryday, A. M. & Tønsberg, T. (2015) Ameliella - a bryicolous lichen genus rediscovered in North America after 50 years Evansia 32(4): 171–175.
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Knudsen, K., Fryday, A., Rajakaruna, N., Olday, F. C., O'Dell, R. E., Pope, N. and Woolhouse, S. (2015) Lichens of the New Idria Serpentine Mass, San Benito County, California, USA: A Preliminary Study of the Lichen-Substrate Relationship. Poster presented at the California Native Plants Society Conservation Conference, San Jose, California.

Barton, J., Ciccotelli, B., Gall, J. E., Olday, F. C., Connery, B., Harris, T.B., Fryday, A. M. & Rajakaruna, N. (2014) Lichens of six vernal pools in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. Evansia 31: 31–39.
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Medeiros, I. D., Fryday, A. M. & Rajakaruna, N. (2014) Additional Lichen Records and Mineralogical Data from Metal-Contaminated Sites in Maine Rhodora 116: 323-347.

Medeiros, I. D. Fryday, A. M. and N. Rajakaruna. (2014) Diversity and conservation of lichens at two metal-enriched sites in coastal Maine, USA. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Serpentine Ecology, Sabah, Malaysia. June 9-13.

McCarthy, J. W. & Fryday A. M. (2014) New Canadian records for Porpidia flavocruenta and Rhizocarpon amphibium (Ascomycota: Lecanorales). Fungi Magazine 7: 70–75.

Hutten, H., Arup, U., Breuss, O., Esslinger, T. L., Fryday, A. M., Knudsen, K., Lendemer, J. C., Printzen, C., Root, H. T., Schultz, M., Sheard, J., Tønsberg, T. & McCune, B. (2013) Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Yosemite National Park, California. North American Fungi 8: 11-47. NAF Web Site

Rajakaruna, N., Knudsen, K., Fryday, A. M., O’Dell, R. E., Pope, N., Olday, F. & Woolhouse, S. (2012) Influence of geochemistry on saxicolous lichen communities of the New Idria serpentine mass, San Benito County, California, USA. Lichenologist 44: 695–714.
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Fryday, A.M. (2012) A brief lichen foray on Mount Washington – including Claurouxia chalybeioides, Porina norrlinii and Stereocaulon leucophaeopsis new to North America. Opuscula Philolichenum 8: 1–7.

Lendemer, J.C., Knudsen, K. & Fryday, A.M.. New and interesting lichens, lichenicolous and allied fungi from Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.A. Opuscula Philolichenum 8: 107–120.

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Fryday, A.M. The genus Fuscidea in North America. Lichenologist 40: 295–328.
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Fryday, A.M. & Coppins, B.J. (2008) Ameliella, a new genus of lichenized fungi from NW Europe and western Canada. Lichenologist 40: 387–397.
Download (PDF 469 KB). © 2008 BLS/CUP. Fryday, A.M., Lendemer, J.C. & Howe, N.M. (2007) Porpidia soredizoides (lichenized ascomycota) in North America. Opuscula Philolichenum 4: 1-4.

Coppins, B.J. & Fryday, A.M. (2006) New or previously misunderstood species of Lithographa and Rimularia (Agyriaceae) from the southern subpolar region and western Canada. Lichenologist 38: 93–107.
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Coppins, B.J. & Fryday, A.M. (2006) Reassessment of some lichen species described by Josiah Lowe, and notes on some other North American lecideoid lichens. Bryologist 109: 9–17.

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Fryday, A.M. (2001) Additions to the lichen flora of North America. Agonimia allobata and Aspicilia grisea. Evansia 18: 87-89. Fryday, A.M., Fair, J.B., Googe, M.S., Johnson, A.J., Bunting, E.A. & Prather, L.A. (2001) Checklist of lichens and allied fungi from Michigan. Contrib. Univ. Michigan Herb. 23: 145-223.

Fryday, A.M. (2000) Bryonora rhypariza (Nyl.) Poelt – new to N. America. Evansia 17: 37-39.

Photographs © Måns Svensson